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ABC Coloring Book
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Have you seen the latest ABC Colouring Book?

I bet you thought Colouring was just for kids. Well, I have a surprise for you!

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  • ABC Poster
  • Three Bonus Coloring Pages
  • Full ABC Coloring Book


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About Sheila

Sheila McPhee is an award-winning artist, specializing in florals, eco-art, PopArt, landscapes and all sorts of subjects she comes across on her daily bike rides. She especially thrills at the fact that the early morning sun provides the perfect lighting for photographing, capturing everything just at the right moment. She’s had numerous exhibits from creating 100 Poppies for Peace Collection, Compassionate Canada Collection, HoneyCycle Love, Paris Love Collection and numerous others.

Her work is proudly displayed at the Government House in Fredericton NB and Canada House in London England. She has taught art classes in over fifteen schools and received a congratulatory note from David Suzuki and an award from the Literacy Council of New Brunswick.

Sheila McPhee